Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam 2.11

Unblock the traffic in this tricky puzzle game


  • Over 150 levels
  • Challenging
  • Addictive


  • Annoying music

Very good

This simple puzzle game gets the same braincells working as Tetris. You start with a small car-park full of cars and lorries all parked bumper to bumper with little room to move. By sliding each vehicle up or across you must clear the way for your yellow Beetle to get to the exit in as few moves as possible.

Traffic Jam has over 150 levels, simple graphics and gameplay, you can save and load your game at any stage and there are free life-time updates. The sound is a bit annoying but it can be turned off. The difficulty level is perfect for beginners and quickly gets more and more challenging.

All in all, Traffic Jam is good clean fun and addictive as hell.

Clear the car park for a yellow Beetle in this testing puzzle game. In the same spirit as some of the trickiest old-fashioned Christmas brainteasers, Traffic Jam forces you to think three moves ahead like a chess grand master.

By sliding cars and lorries out of a congested car-park you must clear space for your car to get from one side to the exit in as few moves as possible. But it's tricky as there's little room for manoeuvre!

Traffic Jam


Traffic Jam 2.11

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